Three SEO Considerations When Launching A Website Re-Design

Friday, 16 January 2015

When it comes to re-designing your businesses website, it’s ultimately something which many businesses do on an almost annual basis. With design and development trends changing so quickly, it’s important that you keep at the very forefront of what’s available and stay ahead of that which your competitors are doing. Most recently, we’ve seen the rollout of the responsive website trend which in itself has seen many business websites redesigned, above all else to improve user experience and conversions from mobile and tablet site traffic.


Of course, with any website re-design launch, however, there has to come a number of SEO considerations if you want to be sure to maintain search engine positions and in order to bring you the top three, we’ve teamed up with Liam from Identify Web Design in Wakefield.

1. Content, Content, Content

Many web designers underestimate the importance of content, however when moving to a new design, always be sure to maintain content wherever possible. If you’re re-launching an ecommerce store, be sure always carry over category content and try to make sure that core products contain the same descriptions. It’s a common scene that a new designer will cull 80% of content from a site for the client to be then left scratching their heads to why positions have dropped after launch.

2. Maintain The Site Structure

Where at all possible, try and ensure that the site’s URL structure is as close as possible on the new design to the old. Search engines aren’t too fussed on the design of your website and, as such, so long as you maintain content, on-page SEO and the same URL structure, you shouldn’t see much in the way of fluctuations at all. It’s only when you start playing with the site structure (or adding in query strings and the like) that things start to get messy.

3. 301 Redirects

If you’re changing any of the site’s URL structure, it’s absolutely vital that you implement 301 redirects from the old URL’s to the new. It’s absolutely essential that these are 301’s not 302’s in order to maintain search engine positions. So long as you carry out this across all URL’s, you shouldn’t run into any issues as this is, in effect, informing Google that the old URL has permanently moved to the new.

Above all, ensure you work with an SEO consultant when re-launching ANY site of any size or scale, if only to ensure everything has been done right and that there’s absolutely no risk of seeing position drops.

Capabilities on Modern High-Chairs

Thursday, 15 January 2015

You will find numerous new functions on High-Chairs that are contemporary. Your Previous wooden chairs never had such possibilities. You can find reclining to at least one-hand release trays to more and top adjustment. Listed below are best rated high chairs to contemplate before purchasing.

Security? There might be several choices and that's a matter of your individual demands. Most importantly significance is Security to your baby. Most Protection checked seats safety certified and will have a Tag Helping You Discover the seat is screened.

When do I buy? In the age that babies are eating solids generally six months old. Unless you wish to have them a spot to take a seat in the table with household, they do not absolutely need a couch ahead of that. Often reclining Highchairs are not worst for tiny babies because they may achieve this without their brains falling forward and typically rest.

Balance? The past issue you would like can be an unsteady highchair. Selecting one with a vast bottom is not worst. Many modern chairs are returning with larger shaped thighs as well as a lower center of seriousness making them a whole lot more secure than older styles. You'll be able to give the seats you're currently taking a look at a superb shake to view how it might stand up to a dynamic family and infant.

Buckles? Make sure to examine if the high-chairs belts are washable and resilient as well as sturdy and find out. A harness 5 point or three point strip is better to avoid child slipping beneath the holder. Some come with carved portion between your thighs. Prevent chairs with just a waist belt this poses threat of dropping.

Seat Cushions not uncomfortable? Using The quantity of food that gets slipped onto the holder and chair it is not bad to seek out one which washes straightforward. Plastic pillows are washable but feel if there are any sharp sides which can be felt by your palms to see and look. Pads should be after cleansing disposable and removable.

Practical Plate? The plate can be an issue that's important to be capable of get in and out simply and correctly. Request your self; could my Child be capable of accomplish the holder to be freed by releases? Is there sharp places or hinges that may touch or damage my babys fingertips? Trays using a high rim help keep food off the floor and to the plate available to infant who's understanding standard motor skills.

What's Motor Legal Defense? [Infographic]

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Previously been in a crash? Then you’ll understand how demanding it can be, without mentioning the losses you’ll have to undergo. This infographic provides the the inner workings of Motor Legal Protection: what it is, what it includes, and the way it will help you to you.

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What to Consider When Buy Home Entertainment Appliances

Sunday, 21 December 2014

If you are planning to buy home entertainment appliances, then remember this that there are a few things that you should consider before you spend your hard earned money. If you are a tech lover, then for sure you will be aware about the importance of planning before bringing any entertainment appliance in your house. Even input output cable should be taken into consideration as they are of great importance. Here are a few things that should be considered before purchasing any specific model of the entertainment appliance, in addition to that some of the set ups tips have also been added.

1. The very first thing that you should keep in your mind is the space which you have and which you can dedicate for the entertainment appliances, always keep the furniture required to keep the appliances in mind and the space which all of the will take. Keep the location of power connectors in mind before deciding the space.

2. Before purchasing the entertainment unit get a suitable furniture for placing the entertainment appliance. For example, take television, for comfortable viewing the TV should be at the comfortable eye level. The stand should be strong enough to take the weight of the appliance and it should be wide enough to avoid people bumping into the appliance. Before coming to any conclusion keep the power source options in your mind.

3. Always make sure that the power circuit which you will be using for the entertainment appliance is safe for the unit. Always make sure that the outlets are properly grounded. Check whether the outlet is connected to another circuit of other room or not if they are then avoid that place and move to another because an entertainment unit sharing the same circuit with any major electrical appliances may cause unexpected problem.

4. Check the type of cable of every entertainment unit. Take only those which are compatible with each other. Otherwise you might face problems and you will be bound to spend more money for purchasing the changers.

5. Before entering the ship you should research the devices first. By doing this you can pick those which suits your requirements and budget.

6. Keep the receipts safe. If you have paid in cash, then keeping the receipt safe is more important as you will not have any other proof with you that you have purchased the unit from any specific shop. It is important to keep the receipts safe because they will be the only way to recover your investment if the product fails in providing the required or expected results.

Hartford Firefighter Rear Ends Car in DUI

Monday, 1 December 2014

Drunk driving is a huge crime across America. The sad part is that even the officers who know intimately the consequences of driving inebriated are no better when it comes to staying away from the booze. In Hartford, Connecticut, a firefighter has been arrested a few days ago for a DUI violation. The firefighter allegedly drove drunk and crashed into a car in Farmington. And then, had the audacity to leave the scene of crime before the responders arrived.

According to DUI attorneys in Milford, Connecticut, this is not the first time that the firefighter Jeffrey Vendetta has been accused of breaking law. The fireman has now been put on administrative leave. According to police reports, Vendetta's BAC was found to be about three times the legal limit. His actions on the night of November 13th saw him crashing into a car stationed on Farmington Avenue, somewhere near the I-84 on-ramp. The accident occurred around 9:37 local time.

BAC at three times legal limit

The car that Vendetta ran into sustained heavy damage and the driver had some whiplash injuries but he was otherwise fine. He did not need any medical attention. An eye witness told the police that the driver who caused the incident fled the scene. Investigators were then directed to Brickyard Road where they found Vendetta's car with fresh damage to the front end. Vendetta was then given a breath test and the results were shocking!

His first test result stood at .2368, and the second one rang up .2362. The legal limit as any Milford, DUI attorney will tell you is a .08. Vendetta was clearly flying high that night when he decided to drive around town.

The Hartford police has charged Vendetta with driving under the influence, and evading responsibility. Minor charges of restricted turns and following too close are also included in the list.

Driver had priors

Jeffrey Vendetta is the son of a retired Hartford fire captain. He is also the nephew of a current fire chief. Vendetta has worked with the Ladder Company 6 for nearly 20 years. Eight years ago, Vendetta had been involved in another DUI incident when he hit a parked car on Park Road in West Hartford. The officers at the scene found Vendetta passed out behind the wheel and smelling strongly of alcohol. Prior to this, Vendetta has already faced the law for a DUI arrest in 2001.

In the 2006 case, he was charged with a DUI, failure to drive right, and evasion of responsibility. He is currently on administrative leave with pay and the fire department is waiting for the news of the trial to take further action against him.

Fire departments need an attitude change

Earlier this month, the Seattle fire department had come under the scanner for allowing drivers with multiple DUI convictions free reign behind the wheels. Vendetta's case may prove that this particular issue is a wide spread problem among fire departments across the country and that a change is needed, immediately. The brothers in red believe their brothers in blue will back them every time. Well, when you are acting like a fool in society, that is when the backing needs to stop.

One Of The Best Website To Shop Led Televisions

Friday, 21 November 2014

Media4k is an official platform for online shopping of Televisions with 4K /ultra HD televisions, LED HD Televisionsand Plasma Televisions. This website offers you variety of High Definition Televisions.

Avaialable Products:


It comes with 4K HD determination for the better experience. The Quad core processor has been utilized which expands its execution. It has a more extensive perspective with clear and high difference picture quality. This LED TV has the negligible movement obscure.

The Roku TV

Roku boxes and sticks have been furnishing, TV viewers with innumerable hours of satisfaction for some time now, with the little, however compelling gadgets, giving superb streaming encounters that deferred quite a few people trying to make the buy of a brilliant TV on the grounds that their little Roku box provided for them all that they required.

The Amazon Fire Stick

It is a little gadget that can be connected to the once more of a HDTV in the HDMI port, and gifts individuals the capacity to get to the web for shows and films, and additionally content from Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon's proprietary Prime Instant Video administration.

The Sharp Aquos LC60LE651K

There is next to no not to love about the awesome Sharp Aquos Lc60le651k TV set. Offering an enormous 60 inch LED screen, 3d ability and Smart TV, all at an extraordinary value, this TV is an amazingly energizing discharge that will doubtlessly allure potential purchasers.

The Finlux 32H7072-DT

On the off chance that you are searching for the unbelievable esteem in an easy to understand 3D TV, you may love the lesser-known brands Finlux's 32h7072-DT TV. This 32 inch TV is 720p HD prepared, and characteristics a LED screen and Freeview in HD all at one little price! It is really uncommon to discover a scope of OK plans 3d TVs, yet Finlux has pulled this off with this extent.

Headed TV VIERA TX-65AX902B

The primary thing to stand out just enough to be noticed, in any case, was the 65ax902's 'Present Art' diagram. This is striking no ifs, ands or buts, thankful predominantly to a mixture of a slight (three degree) retrogressive tilt and a full-width bar-style stand.


Pick the Plasma TV and experience energizing visuals with a full web program and energizing multi-estimation diversion.

85″ S9 Series 9 Smart TV

The quad focus Ue85s9stxxu Smart 3d 4k Ultra HD 85″ LED TV provides for you an opportunity to experience redirection like never before, with a super 4k determination, 1000 Hz planning rate, 5-speaker envelop sound and a get together of stimulating brilliant experience.

IGNIS Fireplace Grates: Broaden Your Imagination

Friday, 14 November 2014

Fireplace grates work much like andirons. They keep logs from moving in the midst of blasting, overhaul your fireplace's adequacy by allowing air to stream underneath your logs, and energize clean up by making a central slag store. Various people moreover like these hearth ruffle for the standard look they provide for their fireplaces and fireplace inserts. We pass on both cast iron and steel styles in a blended pack of sizes.


EBG2100 Ethanol Fireplace Grate: Touch the Limit

With the assistance of this Ebg2100 Ethanol Fireplace Grate, you can change your wood-blazing fireplace to an ethanol demonstrate in only minutes. This rectangular-molded mesh and burner set obliges practically zero upkeep and is not difficult to introduce. This burner works on ethanol, a clean-smoldering fuel that doesn't discharge gas, sediment, or smoke and that doesn't oblige venting or a fireplace to utilize. This 23,000-BTU unit consumes for to eight hours for every refill, and it hold 10 liters of fuel. It features two fold layers development for included sturdiness and versatility, and its intended to keep going for some seasons of practical utilization.

EBG2400 Ethanol Fireplace Grate: More to Get

Changing over your current wood-smoldering fireplace into a clean-blazing ethanol model is a snap when you've got this Ebg2400 Ethanol Fireplace Grate by your side. This mesh and burner addition set fits in your current fireplace and is not difficult to introduce in only minutes. This burner permits you to smolder eco-accommodating ethanol, a fuel that does not discharge smoke, gasses, or ash, and that obliges no extraordinary ventilation or even a smokestack. This 16,000-BTU unit holds seven liters of fuel, and it can consume for to eight hours after each one fill. This makes it perfect for keeping your space toasty warm and scrumptiously agreeable throughout the night.

EBG3600 Ethanol Fireplace Grate: Get More & More

Heat a bigger home with clean-blazing ethanol with this Ebg3600 Ethanol Fireplace Grate that is designed for a rough yield of 20,500 BTUs. This substantial limit unit is ventless and can be utilized as a part of a current fireplace unit, or it can be embedded into a custom fireplace of your own outline. It holds an unfathomable 10 liters of ethanol, which is sufficient to keep you agreeably warm in bigger spaces for up to nine hours between refills. This unit features twofold layer development for included strength and quality, and it can be introduced effortlessly without the requirement for a stack or extraordinary venting framework.


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